"ekgaon means one village in Hindi. One village is the origin of human civilisation, the smallest unit of socio-cultural and administrative structure in the world, and is often synonymous with the idea of an interdependent community of individuals, like a family. We believe that what is best for a village is indeed best for the sustainable development of the whole world. Mahatama Gandhi spoke of Gram Swarajaya (village self-rule) as the most natural way for the holistic development of a nation and a world. The Indian philosophy of the world as unity is also represented in the Bhagavad Gita, which represents the whole world as one family. ekgaon believes in this ideal and derives its name from Gandhiji's dream of Gram Swarajaya. ekgaon is focused on creating a global village where freedom, equality, respect for environment and culture, coexists with the human desire to learn, grow and attain spirituality in harmony with nature. We hope you will join us in our journey for this village, our world."


Over the last several decades, a revolution in information and communication technologies (ICTs) has completely changed the way people learn, govern, interact, make money and live their lives. We are witnessing the creation of whole new industries and businesses, all relying heavily on the need and ability to access, manipulate and create information. If we look carefully we can see the heralding of a new era in human development and enterprise - the creation of a knowledge economy. However, this knowledge revolution, like the industrial revolution that preceded it, threatens to exclude vast segments of the population. In countries around the world people are left without the basic infrastructure and services required to become a part of what must eventually become a global phenomenom. Ironically, these are the people whose contributions may be most required for the development of our common home here on Earth. As some of the dangers and missteps of rapid industrialization and modernization become apparent, there is a need to turn our eyes both forward and inward. There is a need to reclaim our rightful heritage as the benefactors of life's foothold on Earth, to develop a sensible, equitable vision of how to carry it forward. Who better to contribute this knowledge than the people of the land - farmers, villagers and local tradesmen. However, even with massive recent upsurge of interest around the world in bringing "ICT to the Masses", few have succeeeded in understanding the basic needs of these our fellow men and women. Few have dared to work to provide them the basic services and tools they need to be able to contribute their knowledge to the modern world. ekgaon strives to provide them what they require and to sustain itself doing it.